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Fun game and I loved the art! I managed to beat this in 86 seconds for my high score.

The hit-boxes felt a little off to me, as though they were larger than the sprites are. In a precision platformer like this one it can be tough to find the exact right spot to jump when it's not obvious where you're hitting the obstacles.

I think there's a bug in the part with the 3 horizontal spikey hallways. On many runs the spikes became a bit out of sync with each other (either due to dying on them or the fast-forward mechanic. This made the section seemingly impossible and I'd need to restart the game.

Overall, good job, and I'd love to see more games from you.

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Thanks! I didn't expect someone to play my older games and even beat it! Nice job!

The hitbox is definitely off and it is bigger than the sprites. I just used a square hit box without considering the sprites. I should have make the hitbox smaller or create a polygon hitbox that matches the sprite.

The bug on the horizontal spikey hallways is something I noticed as well.  I spent a few hours looking into the bug during the game jam but unfortunately I can't figure out what is wrong.

Thank you once again for the feedback! I really appreciate it. Also followed you back and will check out your future games!