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A challenging platformer with a small twist - you can move faster but objects around you will move faster as well! Each object has a different speed up rate so going slow sometimes might be a wise choice.

Speed It Up is my entry for LOVE JAM 2019 made within 72 hours.


  • WASD/Arrow key - Move the character
  • SPACE - Jump
  • SHIFT - Speed It Up!
  • ESC - Quit the game


  • Love version can be run using LÖVE version 11.2
  • Window version includes both 32 and 64 bits

Feel free to post your best time in the comment section! Would love to see how fast people can clear the stage. My personal best is 41s.


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SpeedItUp.love 477 kB
Speed it up_window_32bits.zip 3 MB
Speed it up_window_64bits.zip 4 MB
Speed it up.love (Fixed jumping issue) 475 kB


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Fun game and I loved the art! I managed to beat this in 86 seconds for my high score.

The hit-boxes felt a little off to me, as though they were larger than the sprites are. In a precision platformer like this one it can be tough to find the exact right spot to jump when it's not obvious where you're hitting the obstacles.

I think there's a bug in the part with the 3 horizontal spikey hallways. On many runs the spikes became a bit out of sync with each other (either due to dying on them or the fast-forward mechanic. This made the section seemingly impossible and I'd need to restart the game.

Overall, good job, and I'd love to see more games from you.

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Thanks! I didn't expect someone to play my older games and even beat it! Nice job!

The hitbox is definitely off and it is bigger than the sprites. I just used a square hit box without considering the sprites. I should have make the hitbox smaller or create a polygon hitbox that matches the sprite.

The bug on the horizontal spikey hallways is something I noticed as well.  I spent a few hours looking into the bug during the game jam but unfortunately I can't figure out what is wrong.

Thank you once again for the feedback! I really appreciate it. Also followed you back and will check out your future games!